Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo is produced by the WWSF

Chula Vista Resort |  Wisconsin Dells |  February 27-28, 2021

Think TankThe Wisconsin Water Ski Convention & Expo (aka Think Tank) is the premier water skiing education experience offering training for nearly every water ski discipline as well as seminars and forums on a variety of other topics including team management, show production, club operations, fundraising, and insurance.

Many of the most knowledgeable and respected instructors from around the nation and state of Wisconsin will be on hand to share their expertise to give you a jump-start on the upcoming water ski season.

The expo allows water ski industry and related businesses to showcase the latest in equipment, gear, boats, motors, and more.

The WWSF Think Tank, in its 45th year, is the largest and longest running event of its kind.

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Eventbrite - 2021 Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo

Think TankAttend to learn. Attend to give back. Attend to catch up with old friends. Attend because it's in a great location with more hotel room options and a waterpark. Chula Vista is ideally suited for hosting our event, offering sufficient meeting and expo space along with great restaurants and an atmosphere that allows for fostering camaraderie.

Attending Think Tank is a show of support for water skiing in general and, specifically, water skiing in Wisconsin.

Eventbrite - 2021 Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo

We developed a comprehensive plan that defines the hybrid event and outlines safety measures, refund policies, and conditions for pivoting to all-virtual.

All attendees and instructors are required to sign the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports COVID-19 waiver and provide the WWSF with the original signed copy at the time of event registration check-in. No person will be allowed to participate without providing the signed waiver.

If you are sick, stay home. All attendees, instructors, expo vendors, and others associated with ThinK Tank will be required to wear a face covering (over the mouth and nose) at all times during all scheduled events.

Download the Plan

Yes, you sure can! If you're not comfortable attending in person, you have the option to participate via videoconference. Beginning in 2021, and as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the WWSF will offer nearly half of all clinics and seminars both in-person and virtually.

Simply choose the "Virtual Only" registration option. Then indicate which clinic you are most likely to attend for each of the five virtual time blocks. We will email all Zoom videoconference access codes to all those who registered for the "Virtual Only" option. Each person will join the appropriate Zoom link to get into the main session. We will then verify registration and move the attendee to their desired break out room within Zoom for whichever clinic they wish to attend.

Online registration is only available through Wednesday, February 24.

Eventbrite - 2021 Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo

Anyone and everyone who loves to water ski and has a passion for being on the water, in a boat, or helping your team accomplish its goals.

Think Tank is perfect for new and younger skiers and ideal for event the most experienced skiers, boat drivers, and show personnel to share their knowledge and experience as well as spend time with your extended water ski family and friends.

Eventbrite - 2021 Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo

Pre-conference online registration for clinics/seminars costs $30. It includes unlimited access to all of the clinics and seminars throughout the entire weekend for those attending in-person. Nearly half of all clinics will also be offered virtually (via Zoom videoconference). The cost is the same for those who wish to participate in any or all of the virtual clinics.

Advance registration for in-person and virtual attendance is available through February 24, 2021.
On-site registration for those wishing to attend in-person is $40. On-site regsitration begins at approximately 4:00pm on Friday, Febtruary 26, 2021.

Online registration is only available through Wednesday, February 24.

Eventbrite - 2021 Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo

Advance registration for the best possible pricing ends on February 24. On-site registration begins at approximately 4:00pm on Friday, February 26.

Eventbrite - 2021 Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo

Yes, you may register on-site ("at-the-door"). However, you will pay more. On-site registration for clinics only is $40.

While you can register on-site, we strongly encourage you to register in advance. You will save money and we will be able to better plan for the event.

Eventbrite - 2021 Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo

  • Swivel Clinic
  • Barefoot Instruction
  • Doubles Instruction
  • Team Management Seminar
  • Doubles Clinic
  • Doubles Clinic
  • Rope Making Clinic
  • Swivel Instruction